The Meant To Be Stuff


I woke up on May 6, 2014 with a jump. I put Jack on the school bus and when I returned upstairs, I decided I needed a golden retriever in my life. So I started googling, looking for a North NJ breeder. And $1600 later, an 8-week-old pup was ours. All ours.  (more…)

I’m Having Cancer Surgery In 4 Days


Silence. Darkness. A cool breeze rattling the blinds. Eyes open. Thinking about having Thyroid Cancer surgery in 4 days. Alone with my thoughts. (more…)

I Don’t Have Good Cancer

This time next week, I will be getting poked and prodded and prepped for surgery. And I think this realization caused me to freak out a lil this am. (more…)

My Family Is Concerned I’m Not Reacting Enough

My family is waiting for me to react. React to being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

I have been going about my day-to-day as usual. Lucy makes a sweet puppy growl to let me know she wants to go out—at 5 am. Jack wakes up when he hears me fumbling around for my flip flops and clipping Lucy’s leash on her collar. Lucy greets her best friend, Jack, with an eager, shaking butt and wagging tail. We all go downstairs and outside. The sun is coming up. The sky is orange and pink. Today it was chilly out for August. It felt like Fall. (more…)

The Fault In My Stars?

Hello! I hardly ever blog here and see this site more as informational and a place to showcase my work. That said, I wanted to share some news because, well, that’s what over-sharers like me do! And I always aim to share important stories that I believe might help someone else out there going through a similar event.

Yikes, here goes … (more…)

Release: Christine Coppa Gets Silly On

Hey guys,

Time to lighten things up! Check out some LOL work from yours truly over at

Thanks for the support XOXO

Release: Christine Coppa Joins

Hello friends! If you didn’t hear the bloggy news, announced it. As of June 1 I’m live on’s Babble Kids blog. The link to’s Revolving Door after the jump! (more…)

Rattled! On and Apple iTunes

Great news! My book Rattled! (Broadway Books, 2009) is now an audio book narrated by actress Emily Bauer.

Warm, honest, funny, and empowering, Rattled! is an unforgettable memoir of a life that takes an unexpected turn – and a brave young woman who decides to follow where the road leads. (more…)

Our Trip To Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa: Installment 5

I had a great time recapping our vacation at Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa. Here, 7 things I’ll never forget about this trip! (more…)

First Love


I’ve been replaced. There’s a new (little) lady in JD’s life. Sob. After the jump-a-roo, describe the photo in 3 words. Winner gets a copy of my book Rattled!

And back to sobbing over my growing boy.