Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Oh hey, guys. Sorry, I haven’t updated the site in a bit, but I hope you’ve all been following me on Facebook and Twitter. Your kind comments, PMs and tweets mean so much to me and I really appreciate all this support. It reminds me of the glamour.com Storked! days and how you all cheered me on and on and on … I want to recap whats been going on here at Casa Coppa, but first, #checkyourneck

The days leading up to my first surgery (at Morristown Medical Center’s Carol G. Simon Cancer Center) that took place on August 18th were so special and calm and reassuring. I have the sweetest son, loyalist puppy, best family and amazing friends! Jack has been nothing short of a doll and little helper ever since I told him about the boo-boo in my neck. (Now that I’m having a second surgery and likely radiation, I did sit him down and explain the big C in a very delicate way, but more on that later.)

Jack and I kept it really routine. We enjoyed pool play-dates with friends, ice cream in the park and hikes with Lucy. We went back-to-school shopping, celebrated his best friend’s birthday at the zoo, ate good meals and just sort of, lived and loved like always. It was perfect.




My girlfriends surprised me and sent me to for a little luxuriating. I got a trim and ombre (so pretty!) and massage. It was a relaxing day (and I indulged in yummy finger sandwiches and at the coffee bar.) I have to admit, pampering goes a long way.

And the surprises kept coming. My friend Gustavo took me out for sushi and much-needed drinks—and laughs. And at the end of the night, he told me we were going to a Yankees game the day before my surgery. Some people (um one of my overprotective brothers and my seriously overprotective, slightly insane father) thought this was wonderful but a bad idea. “Christine, there’s a lot of people at Yankees games. There’s germs! And what if someone bumps into you?” were just some of the hilarious comments surrounding my, um, obvious decision to go to the game with Gustavo.

I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect scenario. I would have been a mental-case the day before my surgery. And I would have been trying to keep myself busy with my very active son and I prob would have been frustrated because all I’d really want to be doing was relaxing. My dad ended up watching Jack for me and the day started off with a yummy pancake breakfast and mimosa at a local diner in North NJ.

And then we were off to the Bronx! It wasn’t my first Yanks game but it was my first time at the new stadium. We promptly got beers and walked around the epic space. Our seats were awesome. I think Gustavo said it best: “What’s better than this? A beautiful day, the smell of popcorn, beer, the Yankees!” (OK, guys, a little cheesy, but he was right!) And the Yanks won!


After I tucked Jack in, Gustavo kept me busy most of the night binge-watching OITNB (I got him addicted) and hydrating me till midnight. Then I had to stop drinking and eating—and my surgery wasn’t until 2:30 the next day!

That night, I went to bed feeling a lot things. I was happy, I was sad, I was scared, I was angry, I was agitated. I was thirsty. Or maybe not thirsty, just thirsty because I couldn’t drink anything. And I was thinking of grabbing Jack and fleeing somewhere. Somewhere far away from Morristown.

Thanks for reading, guys. Next up is my surgery and hospital stay recap. And remember …

relaxxo Chrissy

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