DVD Giveaway: Win Adrian Grenier’s A Shot in the Dark

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. Pop on over to to read my exclusive interview with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier about his documentary, — a film that explores fatherhood and chronicles his journey to find his father after a 20-year separation. Wanna win a copy of this film? You have to see it! It’s ahhhh-mazing — A must see for single parents and their kids!

Tell me about your dad in three words. I’ll pick a winner at random. Happy Father’s Day! XOXO

You can order A Shot in the Dark

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9 Responses to “DVD Giveaway: Win Adrian Grenier’s A Shot in the Dark”

  1. says:

    Original Mischief Maker

  2. jaxmom says:

    Strong, amazing, hilarious

  3. momshell527 says:

    dramatic loving fun

  4. ToddlerMommy says:

    Never Met Him

  5. surfergirl says:

    Don’t know him

  6. smallishangel says:

    Amazing, Unselfish, Life-Changing

  7. Jean says:

    respected, thoughtful, imperfect

  8. ktannieh says:

    silly goofy supportive

  9. dwilders says:

    kind, mean, unpredictable

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