Expecting Essential Giveaway: Patemm Pad

When I was pregnant my friend, Lisa, gave me a gift I used until the day JD was potty-trained (and he wasn’t trained until the week before he turned 3!) It’s something I gift all of my pregnant friends (that’s how much I LOVE it). I’m talking about the It’s a changing pad and diaper bag in one!

When open, the round design serves as a changing pad for baby and toddler. And when it’s folded closed it serves as a (so-chic!) bag, complete with handle for conveinent toting. It has pockets for diapers/Pull-ups, wipes, a travel-size lotion and change of clothes. Click to see exactly how the wonder pad/bag works.

come in lots of chic, whimsical and bright designs — click to view them all, but here’s a sneak peek:

Want one? Win one by describing your pregnancy in 3 (just 3) words. Not pregnant? Describe your life in 3 (just 3) words. (Patemm makes an AWESOME baby shower gift, if you have an expecting friend.)

Curious how I potty-trained JD in just one week? Click

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16 Responses to “Expecting Essential Giveaway: Patemm Pad”

  1. mommyto3now says:

    Pregnant with #3-

    NEVER felt Hungrier!!

  2. Jenn says:

    Three words to describe my pregnancy would be: Fortunate, magical, terrifying.

  3. jaxmom says:

    Terrible “evening” sickness

  4. Emily says:

    Excited New Aunt!

  5. muffinmommy says:

    Currently 7 weeks pregnant with #2, and chasing after a 1 year old keeps me busy,so, “Sometimes I forget!” describes my thoughts on this pregnancy right now :)

  6. LogansMomma says:

    So worth it!

  7. jjsmama02 says:

    Dying with anticipation!

  8. tara@thegpsstore.com says:

    Excitement, Anticipation and Forgetful

  9. says:

    Best experience EVER!!

  10. amy says:

    I am not pregnant but there have been 8 pregnancys announced to me in the last 2 weeks. Too Many Gifts are my words for this overwhelemed girl.

  11. rshakeandrattle says:

    oh so tired!

  12. fullofsweets says:

    very stressed out

  13. Tacosandgum says:

    Not alone anymore.

    [side bar] like you, my bf wanted the child, then didn’t. About to become a single mama!

  14. says:

    Feeling very blessed!

  15. ProudMommy says:

    Have 2 wonderful children and will be working on baby #3.
    How I feel about life…
    Blessed, Alive, Wonderful

  16. chriscop says:

    And the winner is Tacosandgum. And now I want a taco. And some gum. Yum-O.

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