Christine Coppa Partners With Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Hi friends, I have some exciting and yummy news! Check it out:


Yoplait Kids yogurt is giving moms a new way to form good eating habits with a kid-friendly snack. Yoplait Kids has an excellent source of both calcium and vitamin D, a good source of protein and a taste kids love! It also contains 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt, and has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

“Moms are constantly struggling to find healthy snacks that kids will want to eat,” said Elizabeth Bowen, Associate Marketing Manager for Yoplait Kids. “Yoplait Kids yogurt will please moms with impressive nutritionals and delight kids with fantastic taste!”

Yoplait Kids has partnered with well-known mom-blogger, Christine Coppa, and author of , who has developed helpful snacking tips for moms with young children, including tips about healthy snack ideas, portable snacks, and how to make snack time fun. Coppa will support the program through traditional and social media efforts, and will also host a “Yoplait Kids Snack Chat” video series.

“As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to work nourishing snacks into the hectic daily routine,” said Coppa. “I’m a fan of Yoplait Kids because my son loves the taste and I feel good about the nutritional value. What more could I ask for in a snack?”

Available now in four-cup packs for $2.00 in the refrigerator section of major grocery stores nationwide, Yoplait Kids comes in three flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla. The new packaging features kids’ favorite characters like Dora the Explorer, Lightning McQueen from the hit movie “Cars” and the Disney Princesses. Visit , or join the conversation with , Yoplait on and the new “Kid Yoplait” brand community on to keep up with the latest news from Yoplait.

SOURCE: General Mills

Do your kiddos love Yoplait Kids Yogurt? Do they like McQueen, Dora or Princess cups best?

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18 Responses to “Christine Coppa Partners With Yoplait Kids Yogurt”

  1. says:

    Congrats! Very exciting news. My kids love Yoplait Kids yogurt too …

  2. says:

    Congrats !!

    Is this what the cameras were at your house for last week ?

  3. Charlotte says:

    So exciting! Congratulations Chrissy and JD! Yogurt is good for you.

  4. says:

    Congrats! Need to try some for my boy, lol!

  5. ldally says:

    My daughter loves yogurt!! She likes Dora the best, but she will take about anything! Congrats this is such fun news!

  6. TaraR says:

    I would buy yoplait but so far we do all organic dairy. Do they have an organic yogurt?

  7. glopez03 says:

    congrats!! so happy for you and JD!!

  8. chriscop says:

    Thank you for the sweet comments! I’m excited to work with a brand I sincerely LOVE!!! Stay tuned for a grrrreat giveaway! xo

  9. bcunniff says:

    Congrats! How awesome for you guys. My girls love some yogurt! :)

  10. curlyQsmom says:

    Congrats!! I have to get some of the princess packs for my little princess!

  11. ELH11 says:

    I have e-mailed Yoplait, but maybe you can put a word in for me: I’d love to see full-fat versions of Simply Gogurt. It’s one of the only things my kids like to eat, and they’re both pretty underweight. I give them the Simply Gogurt or the Stonyfield ones because they like them and at least it’s some calcium and protein, but I try to pack in as many calories and fat grams per meal/snack as possible, and I just wish I could inject some more calories in there!

  12. says:

    It was so nice Skyping with you today–My daughter loves yogurt our fridge is full of Yoplait Go-Gurt and Dora & Princess cups are VERY popular around here. Thanks again for chatting–excited to try your snack ideas.

  13. jjsmama08 says:

    my 2 1/2 yr old is a huge fan of the strawberry banana flavor. And with a lover of anything that has wheels on it, my fridge is stocked with the Lightening McQueen variety.

  14. GinaRomantica says:

    Congrats! But I thought you were styling a photo shoot? I’m really curious about what stylists do. Will we get to see some photos?

  15. butterflywind says:


  16. AlohaMama says:

    That’s awesome news! My son loves yogurt~yay for Yoplait! :)

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